Enhancing The Face Value

Video post-production is the visual component of the processes that happen after all the raw footage has been shot. Along with audio post-production, it is at this point that everything is put together then given a final polishing. Think editing, effects, graphics and animation.

In the production of effective multimedia presentations, whether for business or personal applications, good quality video post-production is essential to ensure that the final product exudes a refined, consistent and posh image of the client. As this process includes the enhancement of the raw footage with appropriate titling, engaging graphics, and vivifying coloration, a video post-production outfit is required to be dynamic, innovative yet cognizant of prevailing media trends as well as being client-centered. In this way the final cut will be relatable, engaging, and an effective conveyor of the client’s message to the targeted audiences.

Transource Media provides video post production for special events, webinars, presentations, product and branding videos, and documentaries. With a combination of skill, innovation, and top-notch technology, we are confident that our video editors will be able to deliver impeccable service to the most discerning client.

Due to the high demand and the favourable feedback from our satisfied clients, Transource Media is now upgrading our video production menu of services.

Starting July 2014, we will start offering full video production services. Whether you’d like your product put out there or you’re having an event, we offer everything from storyboard and creative conceptualization, location scouting, voice-over talents, to the actual videography and finally, to the editing, mixing and mastering. Transource Media is keen on providing you highly professional service and top-calibre videos to add that touch of sophistication to any product branding or event.

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