Channeling Your Business’ Resources Via The Smart Alternative

In this day and age of bursting enterprises and shrinking office spaces, a revolutionary way of getting work done has surfaced. With the advent of virtual assistance, clients who are challenged by huge overhead costs and problems of maintaining a regular staff and office have been given an alternative.

Compared to the hassle of setting up a complete working environment for a full-time employee; from office space, supplies, compensation & benefits packages, hiring a virtual assistant (VA) is an uncomplicated and practical option.

Benefits of hiring a Virtual Assistant
One, the VA works from his or her own home office thus saving the client from having to pay for overhead costs. Secondly, as VAs work as contractors then clients get work done sans the employer-employee rigmarole. Lastly, clients will have less to worry about productivity as VAs understand that their output is directly tied-up to their income unlike full-time employees who get paid their wages sometimes regardless of the effort they put in.

Why choose a Filipino Virtual Assistant?
The Philippines has been proven time and again to be the “go to” country for outsourcing as the Filipinos have demonstrated a proficiency in the English language that has become internationally renowned. In fact, the Philippines bested 77 countries for two years in a row in the Business English Index. As of 2013, the Philippines has scored 7.95 in the BEI. That translates to a workforce that could take an active role in business discussions and perform relatively complex tasks.

Transource Media has a thorough grasp of how the Virtual Assistance Service could help our clients optimize their financial capital and time by channeling them to other income-generating aspects of their business. We have a large roster of VAs ready to provide exemplary and affordable support for administrative, marketing, technical, and social/creative tasks. With our staff’s impeccable work ethics and proven track record in terms of communication skills, we are confident that our Virtual Assistance Service is the “win-win” solution that our clients are looking for.