For The Record: Transcription and Its Role in the Enterprise

In every enterprise, a lot goes on every single day: meetings, conferences, seminars, conversations. A large number of these activities have important bearings and specific impact to the entire scheme of the business. For numerous reasons, a need to record such activities in an accurate, affordable, and secure method arises. This is where a reliable transcription service becomes invaluable.

A good transcription service provides their clients’ business with meticulously produced results that adhere to the most widely accepted industry standards, creating easy retrieval of information. Carefully prepared transcripts will not require to be rechecked for errors by the client thus giving him time for more important things.

That is why Transource Media is at the top of the game when it comes to providing transcription services. We understand the demands of our clients when it comes to providing quality output and how this impacts their business.

Banking on the Filipinos’ internationally recognized proficiency in business English and our transcriptionists’ rigorous training, we are confident in offering clients a dependable but cost-efficient solution to their transcribing needs.

We are currently offering the following transcription services:

General Transcription

This can include any area of focus (besides medical & legal transcription) that requires audio recordings to be converted into text. Our transcriptionists are well-equipped to transcribe both single and multiple-speaker materials in any audio format.

Medical Transcription

Also known as MT and one of the most sought after transcription services. This is where the reports or diagnosis dictated by physicians are converted into a text format which is then usually used in EMR (Electronic Medical Records), medical coding, or as prescriptions.

Video Transcription

A process by which all words spoken in a video is transcribed into a text format to generate searchable text so that our clients’ target audience would find it easier to find their content via search engines.

Filipino Translation & Transcription

A specialty service we offer that covers both the translation & transcription of English audio/video material to Filipino/Tagalog text format.