Podcast Production

These days, the battle cries for freedom of expression are a resounding clamor coming from all corners of the world. If you have something to say we understand that you’re itching to be heard. Let Transource Media carry and present your voice to your audience in its most powerful and sonorous form. We are proud to present our newest offering on our menu of multimedia services: PODCAST PRODUCTION.

The Podcast as a medium

From its humble beginnings as an obscure method of delivering information, the podcast has come a long way to becoming an everyday part of people’s lives. Compared to traditional audio media, like radio broadcasting, the podcast is better suited to our fast-paced lives. As episodes are available for downloading on demand, avid listeners no longer need to wait or miss out on their favorite shows due to their frantic schedules. The portability of supported audio formats also allows listeners to tune in anytime, anywhere on their mobile devices.

This phenomenal success of the podcast has broadcasters turning into podcasters almost overnight. Furthermore, the ease of producing a podcast also has non-broadcasters tapping into this medium to reach out to the world. From doctors, self-help coaches, educators, church leaders, entertainers, and just about anybody who has anything to say now has access to the ears of the world.


Transource Media wants you to have a piece of that action

Transource Media wants you to have a piece of that action.
Whether you are podcasting for business or for pleasure, we now offer our team of highly-skilled multi-media professionals at your disposal to guide you every step of the way towards that first episode.

Our team boasts of veterans in the broadcasting industry who are ready to give you advice and direction to ensure that your content and your voice will produce a podcast episode that is meaningful, succulent, and engaging.

We also guarantee that your podcast will be polished and seamless in terms of audio quality through our world-class audio post production staff and equipment.

To top that, TSM wants to make sure that your podcast is noticed and picked over hundreds of other podcasts. We also provide engaging show notes, catchy short pitches, captivating album artwork, even pick out tweetable lines from your episode. TSM is all about getting your podcast heard over everyone else’s.

"So, if you have something to say, say it loud and Transource Media will ensure the world listens."

What do you get with TSM Podcast Production Services?

Almost everyone could create a podcast nowadays. A good internet connection, a computer with a sound card, a good idea in the head and you could start podcasting to your heart’s content. But if you want your podcast to capture the attention of listeners then it would take more than a home recording studio to do that. You need TranSource Media.


Post Production

Apart from providing expert advice from our broadcasting veterans during the production of your podcast, TSM polishes your finished recording through our top calibre post production service. Through state-of-the-art equipment and software, we make sure that only the crystal clear, coherent, and professional-sounding audio of your podcast gets through to your listeners. We round off the podcast package by mixing in intros, outros, music bumpers, and commercials.

At TSM, we value the thought and effort that you put into every episode of your podcast so we guarantee post production work on your audio files as if they were our own.

Podcast Write-Ups

Transouce Media realizes that great audio combined with awesome visual aids invites more listeners for your podcast. We offer our team of experienced copywriters and transcriptionists to dish out succulent show notes, descriptions, accurate transcripts, and even tweetable lines from your podcast to create a very visible online presence for your show.

TSM also creates eye-popping album artwork for your podcasts because we believe that your work deserves more than a cursory glance.


Podcast Publication

“All dressed and nowhere to go?” There’s a whole cornucopia of podcast publishing methods available that choosing which one is the right one for your show is a job in itself. TSM gets that job done.

TSM assists you in setting up your podcast by guiding you in the selection of podcast hosting method based on your target audience, budget considerations, and bandwidth requirements. TSM uploads your episodes to your selected hosting service like iTunes, Stitcher, Libsyn, and others.

Everyone can podcast and Transource Media makes it very easy for anyone who has something to say to get heard by the world.
Whether you’re a hobbyist who wants to share their passion, or a business person who wants to engage their customers, or even a professional broadcaster who wants to expand their audience base, TSM exerts the same professional standards of quality in getting your podcast ready for the world.